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Post Processing Work

If you would like your photos to have a more polished look and refined post processing done for print please contact me through the website. Each image will receive approximately 15-20 minutes of post processing time at $25 per image. Post processing includes but is not limited to spot removal, color balancing, exposure refinement, cropping if necessary, noise reduction and detail enhancements.

A little can go a long way. Above you'll find what a bit of post processing work can do to enhance a photograph. Take your images to the next level with some processing work that tackles the nitty gritty of each image on an individual basis. I'll go through each image and analyze what needs to be done to get your image looking great. This includes color correction, exposure adjustments, reducing or eliminating image noise, sharpening details and cropping if necessary.

*Image downloads from the website do not include these additional steps. If you are wanting an enhanced photo please contact me through the website so we can arrange to have your images professionally processed. Click the button below to get started.

  • I shoot all of my images in RAW. What does that mean? Out of camera images are going to appear flat and dull unless some post processing work is done to them.

  • Why shoot in RAW then? Simply put to capture the most data for a photograph. This allows me as the photographer more room to work and edit images.

  • Why not shoot JPG? JPG images are extremely limited in what one can do with them in post processing. It's a kind of shoot and forget file type that doesn't allow for much wiggle room in post to edit and enhance your photograph. These compressed images will introduce unwanted artifacts and provide a limited exposure & color range for your photograph.
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