Maple Valley Photographer

Shooting pictures should be fun. That's why you'll find me capturing some of my favorite hobbies including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wildlife and pets. While I've been a creative individual most of my life I've only recently picked up photography within the last few years.

I started jiu jitsu in 2011 and currently hold the rank of 1st degree black belt under James Foster, where I help coach part time. You'll often find me reffing at Proving Grounds or snapping pictures at The Revolution tournaments.

As an animal lover I've come to find taking pictures of wildlife and being outdoors very rewarding. I'm also an avid pet lover, so getting pictures of 4 legged or feathered friends always makes for a great day.

Jason lives with his amazing wife and their 4 dogs, Jits, Ozzie, Paige & Bear, in Ravensdale, WA. When he’s not shooting, he spends time tending to the flower and vegetable gardens across their property.

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